Problams & Programs :
Feb 08, 2013





From the beginning, Manpower Development Community Organization (MDCO) has been extensively engaging in implementing various integrated community development programmers and projects across the country. From 1999 to 2012, it has worked with over 1,000 community people through the formation and strengthening of thousands of local people’s institutions. Manpower Development Community Organization (MDCO) interventions basically included creating an enabling environment  conducive to making the people aware of their economic social and cultural rights and right to development, besides capacitating them to claim such rights and feel a sense of ownership over the local development programmers, rather than delivering the social and economic services from elsewhere. In doing so, Manpower Development Community Organization (MDCO)  realizes that, as an  NGO, it has not only fulfilled its obligation of contributing to the mainstream development process of the country but also to mobilizing the potential actors responsible for framing policies and intervening  development programmers at all levels.


Manpower Development Community Organization (MDCO) has schedule programs. Members are actively working. Generally budget needs to complete for programs. We are trying to complete under capacity of community programs without budget. As we start cost value programs, it would stop. Many seasonal programs are autumn, winter and spring. Our further steps have braked due to budget off in construction line. This Organization never stops schedule works whatever it can success. Continue rise way part of local service.

                As we have amount some resource this Organization inters active channel and produce it visions. In this day's furniture, sports goods, teaching materials, health awareness, building constructions, managements, and professional trainings are feeling to be very late. We change village living. When will we get basic service in this century?


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