MDCO Nepal
May 17, 2012


The major problem of the school is that that are lack of basic teaching materials .Since teachers use chalk board, the class room is full of dust while writing on the board and rubbing it. This makes the teachers and the student ill sometimes. The school teacher staff does not have a book case to keep their teaching materials and other things. There are also not enough chairs and tables in the staff room The project will: • manage 10 white boards the school. • buy two water filters for the teaching staff • purchase two water tank. • purchase 8 chairs, three table, two book cases for the staff room. buy one football and one volley ball also one net for the • buy 10 dustbins for the school class rooms • At the end of the project period the school will have • Managed 10 white boards with markers and ink. • bought two water tanks for collection water. • Purchased two book cases for teaching metatarsals. • purchased 8 chairs, three table for the office room. • bought water filter for the teacher staff.


This project will helpful to purchase white boards board marker duster, some necessary furniture water tank as well as volleyball and football for the school. The teacher will be happy to teach in the class room using the dust less white boards and marker. Student will be able to store clean drinking water in the water tank. They will be happy to get volley ball and foot ball as well as other sport materials. The school office room will be well furnished with carpet and furniture. The teacher wil be able to keep their teaching materials in the book case.
The financial support is needed for MDCO t purchase the material for the school. After the materials are purchased and delivered, no further external investment is needed. 1. Every year the school managing committee can allocate Rs.500 per month and Rs. 6000.00 (about euro.50) per year for trhe maintenance of this project. 2. (MDCO) will allocate Rs.500 per months for the maintenance of this project for the school.



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