Manpower Development Community Organization (MDCO) is a Non Governmental community based organization established in 2012 in Dhupoo, a remote VDC of Sankhuwasabha, and They Organization has been registered in Sankhuwasava District Administration Office in 2012. Of it is a non-profit organization that aims to work around Nepal. Manpower Development Community Organization (MDCO) aims to work among the poor and under-served people in the rural areas of Nepal by contributing in health, education, environment, forestry, income generation and preservation of bio-diversity and culture. To Settle Problems and get rid of struggle life of poverty Manpower Development Community Organization is established in 2012 AD by the local Community of Dhupoo VDC five Sankhuwasabha district Nepal. Former Generation could not able to play a rule of mediator to help local Development. Even if they have some resource they never used to Development. They sport in party-picnic and so on .our ancestors have not general scenes for future planning they were uneducated. Them this Organization has established. In the beginning thirty (30) general members were active main resources of the Organization are festival cultural programs and donations. In a small cottage committee meeting used to complete but Organization has space for meeting and to construct modern building. Feeling get authority it has accepted by Nepal government this Organization is paying government tax every years. It has received PAN by government tax office. This Organization tries to settle problems. Essential goods for community are going to collect. Organization’s main visions are community Development and global coordination. Living of society is actually pitiable. No transportation and hydropower, physical feature of living is in back and dark. General assembly is being twice in a year and passes budget by there. Acting committee implants plans which are deceased by general assembly. Acting committee is elected in equality of society. This Organization has many challenges to complete its vision programs. This Organization expects for help form social service donors. So please help and let a golden chance to show its Manpower Development Community Organization.

Manpower Development Community Organization (MDCO)
Organization Established in : 2012 NGO
Organization Regd No : 326, District Administration office, Sankhuwasabha, Nepal
Organization PAN No : 600890157 IRD

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