About School
div style="text-align: justify;"> Sarada Lower Secondary School

There is a school called Sarada Lower Secondary School in Dhupoo VDC ward in the Sankhuwasabha District of eastern Nepal. This is one of the government schools, established in 1970. Currently the institution provides lower secondary level education up to grade eight. 300 students (120 girls and 180 boys) attend the school and classes are given by eight teachers. The school has limited physical facilities. The building is old and has been damaged by earthquake three years ago. The furniture and available equipment are also old and needing repair. One of the most urgent problems the school is facing is the lack of water supply. Students and teachers need to walk to a nearby well to get drinking water. It takes 15 minutes to go to the well and back and during the hot season, children are often late to come back to their classes. The other major problem is the lack of or very old basic teaching equipment. Since teachers use chalk board, the class room is full of dust while writing on the board and rubbing it. This makes the teachers and the student ill sometimes. The school teacher staff does not have a book case to keep their teaching materials and other things. There are also not enough chairs and tables in the staff room. However, there are two play grounds - one is used for volleyball, the other for football.

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